November, November

WOAH! Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday 2018 had just started and now we are at a near end. Halloween just ended two days ago and it's basically already Christmas time. It's something about this time of the year that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, wouldn't you agree? Or is this time of the month your least favorite and why? It's totally cool to be a grinch! Going onto the BEST part of the month.. THANKSGIVING! Foooood, yummmm. I'm already drooling thinking about the stuffing, sides, turkey, tamales, Guatemalan tamales, and all that yummy food that will be inside my belly. What are you looking forward to eating this Thanksgiving?

Alright alright enough about food now because I'm getting hungry and I'm trying to be good with my eating habits until then. Lets get onto the main point of this post. Yes, it is about November. Lets talk goals people. What are your goals this month? What will you accomplish? If you haven't take this opportunity to sit down and write some things down. Don't be discouraged if you feel like you're not good at accomplishing goals sometimes. I know there's been times where I set a goal for myself and it ends up going downhill real quick. The problem was I was setting too many goals for myself. Yes, It's awesome to knock out many goals for yourself, but if you know you're not that person that can commit to many at once then try to start off with 2-3 goals. Even just one. Baby steps is key. Once you see that you can accomplish one, move towards the next and kick that one in the face and show'em who's boss! YOU ARE! You are in control of your own life and the only person there is to blame is yourself. Get up off your feet, turn off that show you've been binge watching and strive to be a better you everyday. Trust me. You gain so much confidence in yourself to where you can feel like you can take on the world! It all starts with one goal. 

Hmmm, come to think of it.. what're my goals for November? I'd like to think that I'm going to set all these goals for myself and accomplish them all. In reality, things get in the way like work, family or other events. All that matters is that I know I am trying my hardest in being consistent with the promises I make to myself. As long as I know I'm trying my best. On that note, I am going to make it a goal to lose 5-10 pounds this month. Five before thanksgiving and the other five after. If I can maybe all 10 before Thanksgiving. Although, like I said, I don't want to get ahead of myself. My weight is an issue I've been struggling with the whole year. The first half, I'm going to admit, came from laziness. The second half of me not being able to accomplish my fitness goals was because I had taken on two jobs a couple of months back. Now that times are changing (HINT: Life update coming soon), I feel confident that I will soon have that time back to get on track with getting fit. In order to accomplish this, I already have a meal plan set up and will go by that and make it a point to go to the gym everyday. Consistency is truly key. I prefer to push myself to go everyday, but if you have similar goal then start with going three times a week and maintaining a clean, healthy diet. 

Goal number two is to be more kind to myself. With that, I mean self care. I want to make it a point, to do things for me. Whether it be getting my nails done, treating myself to a massage, or buying something that I've always wanted. Little things like that to show myself that I work hard and I do deserve these things. Be kind to others but be kind to yourself first. You need to find inner peace with yourself in order to thrive. Get a facial, buy a face steamer, read a book, light some candles, eat some chips and dip. Whatever make YOU happy. Just do it. Cliche, but life is really too short. If you're not happy, change it. 

I'm giving myself only two goals this month because I feel like these are two key things I need to focus on in my life at the moment. My goal is to feel like I truly did my best to accomplish these two things. Both of these require patience and time. These two goals will start a difference in my life. I hope the goals you set this month spark change in yours as well. Be the change you want to be. What're your goals of November? 


  1. This is a great post.
    My November goals are:
    To continue writing
    To continue working on myself
    To find a new church and start going again.

    Kelle -

  2. I still can't believe it is November either!


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