Blogtober Day 4: Foodie Finds - Native Fields


Walnut, CA

Photo taken by Native Fields

For todays post for day four of blogtober, I wasn't too sure on what I was going to write about just yet. I was going about my day yesterday and ended up going to the gym around noon. After pushing myself during my dreaded workout, me and my boyfriend noticed a new little restaurant in the same plaza. I'd seen it before and never really cared to think about going inside or even what is was. It wasn't until I saw the owner in her apron outside talking to a local that I thought FOOD! My boyfriend asked if I wanted to give it a try. My response? "YES!" I had kicked butt on the treadmill and was ready to grub as I was really in the mood to try something new. We walked inside and were immediately greeted which is always nice. The ambiance inside the place was very simple, white, and clean with a healthy feel to it. On every table was a cute tiny succulent that added a nice touch. All the decor matched the ambiance so well.  We were told to take a sit where we'd like and we chose the table closest to the door.


I took a look at the menu and was instantly delighted when I saw the options. No pictures, but the descriptions are perfect. Everything on the menu seemed super clean and healthy. I was impressed with the ingredients that came in several of the dishes as it was different than any food joint around my area. What was a place like this doing here? Random I thought, but in such a good way. I was so excited that a place like that was here because I could eat out at this place, not feel guilty, and still have a yummy plate.  It was especially more convenient that it was a few doors down from my gym. I could treat myself a few workouts at a time to nice healthy meal there.  Great place to put it next to by the way. I went ahead and put a picture of the menu that I grabbed from their Yelp page so you guys see and envision this deliciousness I'm talking about. 

Grass-fed Cheeseburger 14
We started off with two waters that came in two cute cylinder like cups. The water was amazing by the way. You know how you go to places sometimes and the water tastes like it came out the hose? Well, not this place. After a few minutes of deciding, I ended up getting their breakfast quesadilla, my boyfriend a grass-fed cheeseburger, and a vanilla latte. The food came out at a good time. Didn't take too long. Although, they do have a sign in there that says patience is the key to good food which is absolutely true! The presentation of the food was great and were good sized portions. The vanilla latte also had some latte art which was a cute touch!
Breakfast Quesadilla 10
 The homemade tortillas from the quesadilla tasted so fresh and melted in my mouth. The grass-fed burger that my boyfriend had was "surprisingly melting" as he described it. The vanilla latte was incredible. I do work at Starbucks and I must say and Native fields hit it right on the dot and out of the park with this one.

More and more people started to come in which was a good sign as this place was popular. Going off of their website, their mission is to "Give back by providing access to wholesome food and opportunities for involvement in surrounding communities." They get their ingredients from local farmers markets in the area and encourage people to eat wholesome foods instead of processed. They also accept EBT. I feel like this is what my city needed. A nice, healthy joint where food tasted good. Where people actually wanted to eat something nutritious. I see the message this place is sending out and I hope it sparks a change even if it's the smallest. All in all, I have great hopes for this little hidden gem and will definitely be back for another plate of wholesome deliciousness!

If you are ever in the Walnut area come check this place out if you are looking for a healthy find. Native Fields is a must to try!


  1. They need more hidden gems like that. People need to eat to live and not live to eat. So, being able to have something that is both nutritional and delicious is icing on the cake.

    1. yes! thank you for making that point! When you incorporate yummy ingredients its not bad at all.

    2. Such a lovely post! I love a good restaurant that you never heard of pop right out at you! And even better when the food is wholesome! 😍


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