Blogtober Day 3: The Ultimate Cozy Night In

Well well well, I have been a bit absent these past few days due to my busy schedule in which I am still trying to fit daily blogging into. YES, I know by the title, I clearly missed day one and two of blogtober but hey, better late than never amirighhht? I am barely starting my blog and I am challenging myself to accomplish this challenge. I want to bring you, my audience, THE BEST, consistent content that I can. So here we go with blogtober!
Anyway, onto the third day of this challenge. Drum roll please! ....... I bring you.... The ultimate cozy night in! Who dosen't love cozy nights in?! That feeling warm fuzzy feeling of really feeling at home and at ultimate peace. It's something about this time of the year that makes you feel warm and happy on the gloomiest, rainy days. Those are the days that are my absolute favorite. Hearing the rain fall and hit the floor, opening the window just a smidge open just enough to hear those raindrops and feel the cool breeze as you wrap yourself in your favorite throw blanket. Lighting your favorite candle and.... wait a minute... I'll just leave that to the rest of the blog. To the second day of October, here is the ultimate guide to a cozy night in, Lisa edition.

Movies and Binge Watching

Lets get real here, we've all done it. Hey, its a guilty pleasure. "Just ONE more episode" or "Just ONE more movie" By the way if any of you watch the show Portlandia (binge watch worthy) then you know what episode I'm talking about here. For your ultimate cozy night in this is essential. So find your favorite movie or show! If you want to watch something new go ahead and google some movies of a genre you feel like watching. Or, for example, what I like to do is google the movies and shows that Netflix has released that month, watch a few trailers and go from there. But, since you are reading my post I'll give you a few recommendations. What are friends for? I gotchu!


Portlandia 2011-2018 ICONIC

Portlandia is a show that I literally cannot describe in words. When someone asks me what its about, its almost a jumble of words that I hesitate to say but can't because it's so comedically genius that it's the perfect surreal comedy. Fred Armien and Carrie Brownstien do such an amazing jobs at playing these different characters (small hint). Word of advice: give it a chance. You might just be like "what is this?? but trust me!


Almost everybody has seen this thrilling guilty pleasure of a show. It's so creepy and frightening at times (at least to me, but I'm a scaredy cat) but it leaves you wanting to watch more. I'm not a big fan of scary movies or shows as I'm usually the one watching the scary movie behind my hands. This show is so interesting and entertaining that I look past me being afraid and just want to keep watching. If you haven't watched already, this is a great show to kick off your October! Binge watch all season and catch up to the newest one that just released. American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Oh... and word of advice, DO NOT watch this with the lights off. If you do, then I commend you and go to church. 


Wow. Just Wow. One of the most, if not the most, beautifully shot documentary I have ever seen. Simply just a piece of art work. This is not just a show about food. It's a show about different cultures and the roots of where some of the most authentic, most delicious food is made by the most talented chefs around the world. And I'm not talking mainstream, I'm talking about REAL people. Some chefs you may recognize if you're a foodie, but when I say real people I mean you really get that real authentic vibe behind the chefs passion behind cooking and what it means to them. WARNING: Do not watch this on an empty stomach!



I'm already wanting to cry thinking about this movie. Phew! Is this one a real tear jerker. If you feel like just watching a sad movie and letting loose those hidden tears and crying it out then this is your movie. Why would you watch it if its thats sad? Because it's so good!!! Hmmmm, maybe the next notebook movie, almost? Well, I mean it's a similar yet still different in its own way kind of feel. Just trust me, watch it. Great movie to watch alone or with a friend as well. 


Shoutout to my other half for showing me this movie. I'd never had seen it, heard of it, but never even bothered to try it. He said we could lemon law the movie so we did. First 5 minutes I was hooked! Such an interesting movie to watch, it keeps you on your toes,  your bum a inch off the seat and a toe curler at times. No need to tell you all the details. All I will tell you though is to lemon law it. And if you don't know what that means then watch How I Met Your Mother. Oh and one more thing, remember, remember, the fifth of November. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 CLASSIC

Now this one is truly timeless. Will never get tired of this movie! Feel like a kid again with this perfect movie to kick off your October and get in the spirit of Fall. This is just one of those movies that puts you in that wanting to decorate like this season just threw up all over your house and spit out autumn decorations and just warms your heart right up as you sip on your drink from your local Starbucks or Keurig. 


Candles are such a nice relaxing touch to your ultimate cozy night in. It's pretty much like the cherry on top. Bath and Body Works candles are always a must and their candles this season look especially cute! My most recent candle purchase was at a Pier 1 and let me tell you, as soon as I walked in it smelled like candle heaven. When I went they were also having a sale on their harvest inspired candles and they were going for buy one candle get the other half off, which was a good deal because of the fact that they smelled so good and they were a good size. I picked a pumpkin spice candle and other flavor that smelled more clean.
Besides the Fall inspired candles with nostalgic scents that we know and all love, here are some other scents and their functions that are also Fall mood inspired and are so soothing for your ultimate cozy night in. 




This may not seem like its THAT important but it is. A throw blanket will change the game and a cute throw blanket that you absolutely love to wrap yourself in will change the game. You can find some at your local Target, Walmart, Kohl's, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and pretty much anywhere if you Google it. My favorite is a faux fur because they are so incredibly soft and warm. If you want something different yet still warm, a knit throw would be perfect! 


You were waiting for it weren't ya? I knew it! Yes, another essential for your ultimate cozy night in a crisp glass of wine. Perfect little kick in your relaxation. Be the next Olivia Pope and drink a red glass of wine or be elegant and drink a nice white wine. My personal favorite is Apothic Red which you can find at your local target or liquor vendor for about $8. If wine isn't your forte, then make your favorite cocktail. Try to steer away from beer as you will feel bloated but if you want your beer then by all means have a cold one! For a great pairing with your beverage, I highly suggest eating skinny pop! Super yummy and light to munch on! Only about $3.50-$4 a bag at your local grocery store.


It's a nice fall night and you have your candles lit, your favorite show or maybe your favorite music playing in the background. Your lights are dim and your sipping on your wine and winding down. To make your ultimate night in truly peaceful, try reflecting about your day, thoughts, and emotions in your journal. It's a nice way to release any leftover stress or negativity. All in all, you will feel so much better even if you didn't think you could. Find peace within you. 


There's not much I have to say about this, the picture is already pretty much right on the dot of convincing. You NEED to bake cookies. Oh yeah, don't forget the milk either!


Best hot chocolate you've ever tasted. Hands down, so so so so good and nostalgic this time of the year. This one is a classic in my books. The aroma of this and the cookies you have in the oven right now as your reading this because you listened to my advice about the cookies right? Well if you haven't then do it now! Even if its not your cozy night in. Back on track, if you have your cookies in the oven and this stirring in a hot pot of milk, it is the most "I'm truly home" feeling ever. 

Well there you have it folks, my guide to the ultimate cozy night in! How'd you like it? I encourage you to try if not all then one of these things in your cozy night in and see how it works out for you! Thank you so much for reading this and I would love to hear how you spend those lovely fall nights. If you want to see more fall favorites then let me know or just simply subscribe to my email updates on new content <3 

Happy October 3rd, 

Lisa C.


  1. I plan to bake some cookies this weekend :). I haven't seen some of the shows/ movies but I will definitely check them out. Saw this post at the perfect time (Thanksgiving Weekend coming up )


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